Frightnight’s Web Presence Back in Full-Fright

November 7, 2017 - Clients
Frightnight’s Web Presence Back in Full-Fright

A website from the grave to the spotlight.

Munro Entertainment has released the final version of the recovered Frightnight Comedy Theatre website!

As a part of the partnership between Frightnight and Munro entertainment, we took on the not-so-easy job of recovering Frightnight Comedy Theatre Restaurant’s lost wordpress website. Employing various techniques, a html render of the home page from 2015 was acquired and that’s where the fun really began.

Frightnight is Sydney’s premier comedy theatre. Now showing at Wests Tennis Club, Leumeah. A perfect place for Birthdays, Hens & Bucks Nights, Company Nights & More!*

Because the website was generated by wordpress, there was a lot of functionality of the site missing or broken and some related css and javascript files were simply unrecoverable. Fortunately, most of the basic framework was still intact and the awesome spider, reapers and ghoul animations still worked too!

At this point we split our efforts and started to work on the domain name as well. The original domain – – had been snapped up by a questionable online shoe retailer (really, we don’t know either) forcing our hand to register a temporary domain name – – while we worked on evicting the shoe store.

After a week of tweaking and adding new back-end files the first public version of the reclaimed website went live. It was a very basic adaptation of the original site, missing some pages and proper site-wide css styling, but it was a good proof of concept so both companies decided to complete the venture over the next two months, with the majority of their time devoted to the 2017 soft-relaunch of the show.

With an average monthly new session count of 650 and a spike to 870 new sessions in october… the website got a good workout too.

Advertising provided by Google was also implemented half-way through the venture, providing a means to finance the website’s monthly server and bandwidth costs. With an average monthly new session count of 650 and a spike to 870 new sessions in october, there is now almost enough return to cover expenses and the website got a good workout too.

The original domain was successfully recovered after 2 months – with many thanks to AUda – and added alongside the temporary domain name so both URL’s would display the same pages. The final version of the website was completed a week later and submitted for testing. It sees the site retaining most of its original features and graphics, with some being updated for a more practical and user-friendly experience.

Frightnight website development

The final release build vs an earlier build

The final website release went live at 3AM Tuesday November 7th 2017.

*Source: Frightnight – Sydney’s Premier Comedy Theatre Experience
**Source: Google Analytics

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